A Short History of the Coming Apocalypse

Transmission Received: 2289.02.23//path?=relay.solaron.pub

When you joined the Protectorate, you may have had some expectations about the organization. Some see us a sort of gentlemen’s social club, occasionally throwing ourselves in the stream as bumbling do-gooders. Others see our armaments and our transportation and think us to be blood-hungry brigands, waiting for the time to strike.

In a way, these are both correct. What we know and how we know it is not something to be shared with Agent-Candidates such as yourselves, but suffice to say, we have confidence when we say this: The World as we know it is going to end on March 28, 2413. Unless we do something about it. To that end, the Protectorate exists to gather together civilian and military personnel with the talent and motivation to stave off the coming disaster, and put into action a plan to do so.

To that end, your assignment is as follows:

On December 4th of previous year, an anonymous poster to the Commonwealth Public Information Channel known as “ForShadow” warned that their organization was going to destroy the Solarian Central Bank Branch on Avalon in one month’s time. Solarian officials, of course, ignored the warning as a hoax or an attempt to jinx security.

On January 4th, the CBB building vanished in a thermonuclear fireball. “ForShadow” returned and posted a manifesto in which certain key phrases on our watchlist appeared. We believe the organization which is behind these attacks is operating in a manner so as to accelerate the coming of E-Day, the Ending Day.

A second attack was announced on January 7th. This time, the Orbital Dock at Calishan was targeted. Calishan is a Corporate Worlds Group member, home to the Rayobon Transport Corporation, and their Orbital Dock sees millions of people and billions of credits of product move from groundside to orbit and back every year. A floatila of CWG warships and their crack Investigative Response Team swept the Dock, but found no evidence of an attack.

Febuary 7th, an explosive device detonated in one of the crawler cars transporting personnel up the tether. 36 people died in the crawler, including Rayobon’s Vice President of Development, Sanko Megurine, and another 7 were killed when the tether came down. This attack has disrupted Rayobon’s production schedule; Go Here for how this has also causes a downturn in relations between the Group and their fellow Commmonwealth state the Worlds Alliance.

On Febuary 16th, “ForShadow” returned. This time, their target is the most ambitious yet: The spaceliner Arcanegos. The Arcanegos is the most elite passenger craft in the World, built off the hull of a Defender-class frigate, she is 450m long and has a crew and armament capable of fending off entire squadrons of pirates at once while her passengers are ensconced in absolute luxury. The loss of this ship would be severe blow to the psyche of the Terran Commonwealth and is likely to have a chilling effect on intersellar travel.

Your mission, Candidates, is to obtain transport to the planet of Havenshire, core/antispin in the Solarian Republic. You are to arrive no later than 17:00 L, 01 March 2289 CC. You will be issued boarding passes and ancillary materials necessary to board the liner Arcanegos when it arrives in Havenshire space on 02 March. Once aboard, you are to investigate and discover the method in which the “ForShadow” operation intends to attack the vessel, and counteract said action. Your secondary objective is to capture as much material and personnel from the “ForShadow” operation as possible for review by Protectorate personnel.

Good luck and good hunting.

Transmission end. Encrypted under Code:Gamma.

Game Information

This game uses a modified version of the Deadlands rules, called Dead Reckoning. I would like everyone to send me a short character bio, which answers the following questions:

1) Does your have any bits in your background which might crop up during the game? Enemies, mysterious pasts, anything like that. This way I can integrate those things into the script.

2) What is your character’s goal in life?

3) Why did your character join the Protectorate? (It is assumed that the characters are or are acting as though they were Protectorate Candidate-Agents, a sort of “reserve commission” with the organization).

Be creative! You don’t have to go completely “over the wall”, but the more detail you give me, the more I can throw back at you!

This site will be very important to the plot of the game, considering that sessions are likely to be infrequent and irregular. While this will be off-the-cuff and somewhat combat-oriented, puzzles and interaction will be a part of the game, and this will also hold down the “who the hell are these creeps and why are we scrapping them?” troubles.

Read Dead Reckoning, Living in a Civil Society, and The Candidate-Agent. The Library is a handy resource as well.

Beyond the Stars

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