The Union of Unbound Souls


The Unbound Souls are those who wish to not be tied down by any obligations of king and country. We make our home in the emptiness between worlds, aboard the good ship Solaron. This might vessel was liberated from its resting place in the fringes of the Sol system in 2129. Since then, the ship goes where it will, and we do as we please, infringing on the rights of no man and asking only the same courtesy.

Several organizations work alongside we of the Solaron, desiring as we do to be free of the corrupting influence of nationality. The Barbarian worlds, Shareya, the Protectorate, and the Universal Order all stand by our philosophy, giving us a sturdy base of support.

Character Options

The Unbound Souls presents the following character options:

Nendoroid: These machine-sentients occupy a unique existence in the World. They are living beings with all the rights and responsibilities of other life-forms in our society, but at the same time, they are mechanical, and serve in many cases more as equipment than people. The Nendoroids accept this situation with the stoicism which exemplifies their race, and like all of us, they do the best they can to balance the needs of the self with the needs of the whole.
  • Racial Qualities: Maximum Mien 3d10; Maximum Spirit 3d10; Minimum Knowledge 2d8.
    • Nendoroids do not need to sleep or breathe, although they do require at least 2 hours rest per day to repair and cool down.
    • Nendoroids do need to eat, after a fashion; their power generator requires hydrocarbons for fuel.
    • Nendoroids ignore the first 2 levels of Wounds, and may spend 1 Wind to generate 1 Drain for devices (2 if they have 3d or more in Vigor).
    • Nendoroids heal at the same rate as a living creature (assuming they have access to carbon, silicon, and copper); a Maiming Wound to the torso will incapacitate a Nendoroid, but it is not a definite kill. (The repair bill will be hideous though).


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