Dead Reckoning

This is a rules update and tweaking of the Deadlands game system. I’ve made these home rules to address some frustrations I’ve had as Marshal and player.

1) Action rounds. Everyone gets dealt 2 cards per round. No rolling. There are a couple things you can buy to make you get more cards. Also, you can pitch a chip for an extra card:

White Chip 1 Extra Card
Red Chip 1 Extra Card, 2 if you drew a Deuce or less on your first one
Blue Chip 1 Extra Card, 2 if you drew an 8 or less on your first one
Legend Chip 2 Extra Cards

2) Movement and the map. Map squares are now 1m each. You can Walk your Pace in squares in a round, no more than 1/2 per card. Run double your pace, no more than Pace per card. Sprinting can be done on any card you Run on if you do nothing else, and that’s +1d4m for 1 Wind

3) Actions. You have Free, Simple, Standard, Continuous and Long

Free no time cost at all
Simple can do 1 other Simple on the same card
Standard that’s your card
Continuous 1 Action to start, and you then have a -2 penalty to all other tasks until canceled. Subsequent rounds, this action takes no other cards, only the -2.
Long Like a Continuous, but with a defined endpoint. Must spend cards to reach that point.

4) Aptitudes and Concentrations. Each Aptitude is now only a single skill. You may Concentrate in any Aptitude by putting said Concentration in parenthesis after the Aptitude’s name. You roll 1 extra dice with your Concentration, but 1 less dice with all other uses of the Aptitude. You may only increase an Aptitude beyond 5 dice if you have a Concentration, and only the Concentration will increase.

For example, Shooting 5 becomes Shooting(Pistols) 4(6).

5) Target Numbers. The Target Number for any test maxes at 15. If the task is harder than that, it cannot be done. Likewise, you may never get more than a +6 bonus to any roll, or a -6 penalty.

Penalties and Bonuses are independent and stack separately from TN steps. So on a gunshot for example, you might be making a head shot (3 steps) at a target 3 increments away (2 steps), so your shot will be Legendary (TN 15). Then you might be Double-Tapping the shot (-2 penalty), while Criticall Wounded (-4) at Dusk (-2), in High Winds (-2), for a total penalty of -10. However, you’ll only take a -6 penalty, because at this point, it’s luck, more than anything.


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