The Interstellar Trade Alliance


In 2191, the disparate Human nations banded together to form the Terran Commonwealth. The military and economic power of the Commonwealth put pressure on the other nations in the galaxy. In response, the Enamin Remnant, the Il’Darani clans, and the Fallen banded together and formed the Interstellar Trade Alliance to counteract the might of Terra.

Peoples of the Alliance

Three separate races work coexist in the Alliance. The Enamin, the Il’Darani, and the Fallen each have their own histories and in the case of the Enamin and Il’Darani, that history contains war within recent memory.

The Enamin were once the most populous and powerful race in the galaxy, outshining even the almighty Sirayili. Then the Angel of Death came, and the crown jewels of the Enamin Empire were destroyed. Since that day, the Enamin were left to wander the world, homeless and broken. The Remnant then suffered a series of disastrous reversals, being decimated in battle against the Il’Darani, and then losing several worlds to uprisings after bringing in Human slaves to bolster their dangerously low population.

Today, the few remaining Enamin long for the glories of old, and in their desperation, they are cunning and ruthless. Even in this, their darkest age, Enamin technology is still superior to the other races, and second only to the Sirayili. This technology serves the Enamin well—it evens their odds against the numerically superior forces of the other races.

The Il’Darani are the youngest of the races, still chasing kine across the stormy plains of Darani’an when Humans were having their Industrial Revolution. Unique among the races, Il’Darani are evolved from a race of apex predators, and the pack-hunter mentality of their ancestors still shapes the way the Il’Darani perceive others.

Each Il’Darani values his clan above all others, and values anything which advances the clan’s position above anything else. As merchants, the Il’Darani are supremely cunning and devious; as warriors, the Il’Darani are fearsome and implacable foes. The Enamin discovered this to their great sorrow when an Enamin battlegroup attempted to conquer Darani’an.

The Sirayili are the eldest and the most enigmatic of races. Old even before the Enamin became sentient, this people works in ways unfathomable by the young. And so, in 2132 after the War of Seven, when the sect who called themselves the Fallen said they were “defecting” from the Sirayili, the other races just took it in stride.

The Fallen work hard to atone for a sin which only they are aware of. This works well for the rest of the ODA members, because apparently sharing the Sirayili’s technology with their fellow races is part of the Fallen’s atonement. What, exactly, the Fallen gain by working with the ODA is unclear, but for now they are staunch and unwavering supportes of the Alliance.

Character Options

The Interstellar Trade Alliance presents the following character options:

Enamin: Slender but powerful, the Enamin put all their drive into restoring their lost empire. Never turn your back, and never give them an even deal.

Racial Traits:
  • Smarts Minimum 2d6, Quickness Minimum 2d6, Nimbleness Minimum 2d8.
  • Begin with Bluff 2 or Persuade 2.
  • +1 to Natural Healing rolls.

Il’Darani: The pack hunters work best together. Where you find one, there are surely more. Together, their strength can overwhelm.

Racial Traits:
  • Nimbleness Minimum 2d8, Strength Minimum 2d6, Deftness Maximum 2d8.
  • Mindsight: uses ultrasonic waves to sense the world around them. Negates darkness penalties, penalty for long-range (2x Cognition dice type in meters) vision.
  • Claws: Enamin do 1d6+Str with an unarmed strike.
  • Teamwork: +1 bonus to rolls to aid another or when another is aiding you.


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