The Lifer

In for a Penny, In for a Purgatory


There are some employers who just don’t accept two weeks’ notice from their employees. These poor bastards are Lifers, and they’re on-call for the rest of eternity. On the upside, the employee retention package doesn’t just include a braided polysteel leash; Lifers are usually well treated, to encourage them not to become turncoats.


To become a Lifer, first you must possess some useful skill, represented by a 4d10 or better in a single Aptitude, preferably Concentrated. You will have a military-grade tracking chip implanted. Worse, your card draw for screwings is checked on the Bad Table. Also, you effectively have Wanted at level 5 any time you are out of contact with your Handler. Rest assured, they will find you and bring you back.


Your mastery of your skills gives you a +2 bonus at all times to those skills. You automatically have an Upper-Class Lifestyle provided for you, and you can carry Military weapons and equipment at all times as though they were Licensed. Each additional Mastered skill beyond the first increases your Wealth Edge by 1.


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