The Inquisitor

The Knife which cuts through Deception


People with the Inquisitor background have been empowered by their parent governments to independently investigate situations, make arrests, and then bring formal charges in court. This makes Inquisitors feared throughout the galaxy, and rightly so. Cults, criminal syndicates, and deadly psychopaths have all fallen prey to these relentless bloodhounds. Of course, the chance exists that the Inquisitor himself will follow down that dark road . . .


To purchase the Inquisitor background, you must have at least 3 ranks in Scrutinize, 3 ranks in Overawe, and 3 ranks in Guts. You must purchase the Friends in High Places Edge at 1 rank or higher, representing your contacts in the force of your parent government. Additionally, your Background will give you either a 3-point Oath to uphold the laws and duties of your parent government, or a 5-point Outlaw if you’ve broken away without permission . . .


Inquisitors can carry up to Military weapons at all times and can generally wave away the disarmament requirements at most facilities. All other law enforcement agencies are required to provide any requested documents to a licensed Inquisitor, except in cases of a “compelling security interest.” Finally, you may spend chips to use the following Knack:
  • White Chip: +4 to a Overawe or Persuade check.
  • Red Chip: You can determine automatically if a person is lying to you, and with a Hard (9) Cognition check, you can determine in what direction the truth lies.
  • Blue Chip: You may force another character into a Test of Wills with 1 success on your side automatically. This Test does not end unless you choose to break off.


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