Arms and Equipment

Here is a listing of the common equipment available in the World. In addition to each item’s game rules, each entry has a T/L/R notation. This is the Tech, Legality, and Rarity of the item. Tech indicates how high-tech the item is. Generally speaking, TL 3+ will trigger All Thumbs, and some worlds don’t have the industrial base to manufacture or repair higher tech items. Legality is how much of a hoop will you have to jump through to get it. More on legality Here. Finally, Rarity is how common an item is, and thus how hard an item is to actually find for purchase. Keep in mind these prices are the “shelf cost” of an item; if you’re buying black market gear, it will cost more depending on how hard it is to acquire, and demand for say the last ticket off a planet before an invasion will make it very expensive indeed.


Weapons are the most common items which characters will be dropping a lot of money on. Here are the arms used all across the World.

Type Damage Range RoF Shots/Ammo Weight T/L/R Cost
Autopistol 3d6 5m 2 10 9mm box 1.25kg 2/L/C cr 15
Bolt Pistol 3d6 6m 2 drn1/batt 1kg 3/L/C cr 21
Holdout 4d6 2m 2 2 12mm int 5kg 2/R/U cr 10
Laser Pistol 2d8 AP2 10m 1 drn2/batt 1.5kg 4/SI/U cr 35
Revolver 4d6 4m 1 6 12mm int 1.5kg 2/L/C cr 10
Assault Rifle 3d8 10m/5m 9 30 6.5mm box 4kg 2/M/C cr 60
Bolt Rifle 3d8 15m 3 drn2/pack 2.75kg 3/M/U cr 42
Carbine 3d8 10m/5m 3 30 6.5mm box 3kg 2/M/C cr 40
Hunting Rifle 4d8 10m 1 8 7.62mm int 3kg 2/L/C cr 35
Laser Rifle 3d10 AP3 25m 1cd1 drn7/pack 4.5kg 4/SI/R cr 90
Sharpshooter 4d8 20m 2 10 7.26mm box 4.25kg 3/M/U cr 75
Combat Shotgun 5d6 6m/3m 3 20 shells box 2/R/U cr 25
Plasma Caster 5d6 5m 1 drn1/pack 4/M/U cr 30
Pump Shotgun 5d6 4m 1 7 shells int 2/L/C cr 20
Shotgun 5d6 4m 2 2 shells int 2/L/C cr 15
Submachine Guns
Boltcaster 3d6 5m 6 drn1/pack 1.5kg 3/M/R cr 25
Machine Pistol 3d6 6m/3m 9 9mm 30 box 2kg 2/M/C cr 18
Tactical SMG 4d6 6m/3m 6 12mm 20 box 3kg 4/M/U cr 45
Heavy Weapons
Anti-Material Gun
Heavy Bolt Cannon
Heavy Machine Gun 5d10 30m 6 12.7mm belt 2/M/U
Light Autocannon 2d20 50m 1 20mm belt 3/M/U
SAW 4d8 20m/15m 9 7.62 belt 2/M/U
Grenade Launcher
Missile Tube
Rocket Launcher
Snap-on Launcher
  • Laser Rifle: Has a Bipod and Optical Scope
  • Machine Pistol: Is Unreliable
  • Plasma Caster: Does Blast Damage
  • Sharpshooter: Has an Optical Scope and Hair-Trigger
  • all Shotgun-types: lose 1d6 per range increment. +1d6 in pointblank.
  • Tactical SMG: Has a Hair-Trigger and Suppressor

Armour and Protective Clothing

Type AV Coverage Penalty Weight T/L/R Cost
Battle Armour 1 Full -1 3/L/C
Combat Jumpsuit -4 Full - 2/-/C
Combat Spacesuit 1 Full -1 3/R/U
Concealable Jacket -4 T - 3/R/U
Duty Uniform -2 T/A/L - 2/-/C
Hazardous Environment Suit -2 Full -1 3/-/U
Heavy Battle Armour 2 Full -2 3/M/U
Leather Jerkin -4 T/H - 1/-/U
Platemail 1 Full -1 1/-/U
Spacesuit -2 Full -1 3/-/C
  • Combat Spacesuit: +2 Vigor vs Radiation; Military Link; Grapple and Thrust Bottle; Rebreather and 8hrs air.
  • Concealable Jacket: +2 to Disguise to hide.
  • Hazardous Environment Suit: +2 Vigor vs Radiation; Medical Monitor and Filter; Rebreather and 4hrs air.
  • Heavy Battle Armour: Medical Monitor.
  • Platemail: -2 to Pace.
  • Spacesuit: +2 Vigor vs Radiation; Grapple and Thrust Bottle; Rebreather and 8hrs air.

Tools and Kits

Item Weight T/L/R Cost Function
6.5mm ammo 1.5 kg 2/L/C cr 10 100 rounds of 6.5mm
7.62mm ammo 1.75 kg 2/L/C cr 12 100 rounds of 7.62mm
9mm ammo 1.25 kg 2/L/C cr 5 100 rounds of 9mm
12mm ammo 1.5 kg 2/L/C cr 6 100 rounds of 12mm
Battery 25 kg 3/L/C cr 20 stores 20 Drain
Belt 25 kg 2/L/C cr 1 links 100 rounds of ammunition for Belt weapons
Box Magazine 25 kg 2/-/C cr 1 1 ammunition magazine
Cracking Kit 2 kg 4/R/U cr 50 +1 to Security Systems
Data Sifter 3/-/U cr 25 Load on notepad; +1 to Academics
Demolitions Kit 2 kg 3/L/C cr 20 Permits arming and disarming bombs
Diagnostic Software 2 kg 3/-/U cr 25 Attach to notepad; +1 to Tinkering
Mainframe 5 kg 4/-/C cr 50 +1 to Computers
Mechanic’s Kit 15 kg 3/-/U cr 25 +1 to Tinkering
Medic’s Kit 10 kg 2/-/C cr 20 +1 to Medicine for first aid
Power Pack 1 kg 3/L/C cr 75 stores 70 Drain
Repair Kit 5 kg 2/-/C cr 5 Basic tools for Tinkering
Speedloader 25 kg 2/L/C cr 1 Speedload check at -2 to load into internal weapon
  • Ammunition can be made Armour-Piercing by spending the base cost per level of AP. Your may not give any ammo AP greater than half the dice it does in damage.

Medical Supplies

Survival Gear


“Cybernetics” are synthetic replacements for natural parts. Typical cyber gear merely replaces lost functionality, but higher-grade gear can actually improve a person’s abilities.

To get a piece of cybernetic gear, you must first purchase the gear. Then you must find a surgeon who can do the emplacement work. Then you must recuperate. Finally, you must deal with the loss of humanity which comes from having chunks of your anatomy removed and replaced. All species, even the Nendoroids, are subject to the pain of losing their original selves.

Each item on this list has all the standard statlines, plus two additional: Install TN and Damage. Install TN is the Surgery TN to remove the old flesh and emplace the new gear. Wounds is how many Wounds’ worth the replacement is. You must heal these Wounds with Natural healing for the device to fully seat. Before the item is fully seated, you get a -2 penalty to use the item, and a sufficiently violent force can tear the item loose.

After your new item is installed, make a TN 5 Spirit check, -1 per piece of cybergear. If you fail, you develop Cyber-Psychosis at level 1. Cyber-Psychosis requires a Spirit check at the beginning of each session to avoid a fugue state, where the cyborg loses connection with reality.

Device Cost T/L/R Install Wounds Effects
ATP Supercharger CV 3 4/L/U 5 4 Gives short bursts of massive strength increase. Free action: 1d6 Wind for TN 5 Vigor: +1 step Strength and +2 Pace until the end of the round per success. Afterward, Stun Recovery check to keep boost on, costs 1 Wind per card in subsequent rounds.
Cybereye CV 2 3/-/C 9 1 Replaces lost eye. May increase functions (low-light vision, optical zoom or enhancement) for +1 CV per enhancement
Cyberspur CV 4 3/M/C 7 4 Mounts small weapon concealed in forearm. Powerblade is 1d8+Str, AP 2, drain 1 Wind/round.
Neural Interface CV 3 4/L/C 11 2 Direct connection from mind to device. Allows some special device use, +1 to aptitudes through link, connect dataplugs and record data from brain. +1 CV, +1 Wound to rig contacts in hands allowing direct linking
Neural Rigging CV=Size+1 4/M/R 11 2 per Location Removes nervous tissue, replaces with optical fibre. Change Quickness dice type to d12+2. Cannot change further. EMP is dangerous.
Pain Editor CV 3 4/M/U 9 2 Negates first 2 Wound penalties
Replacement Limb CV 2 3/-/C 7 3-5 Replaces regular limb. May improve Deftness or Strength (arm), or Nimbleness (both legs), but CV is increased to 1/2 the new dice type (+1 CV for 2 mods). May also mount 1 small device in arm.
Replacement Organ CV 2 3/-/C 7 2 Replaces damaged organ. Improved kidney and liver (3 CV total) gives a +1 bonus versus poisons; lymph reservoir (2 CV total) gives +1 bonus versus diseases
System Monitor CV 3 4/L/U 9 4 Monitors condition and tailors body response; +1 to Natural Healing and Stun Recovery, but additional damage if you go Bust. Can also cary 5 doses of drugs to inject on condition
Subcutaneous Armor CV=Size covered 3/M/U 5 2 per location Titanium mesh woven under skin for enhanced protection. AV 1. +2 CV for AV 2.


Food, transport, and lodging are universal concerns, and here is what is typically available.

Service Cost What You Get
Lower-Class Lifestyle CV 1/month small flat, basic amenities, -1 to Mien using place to impress
Middle-Class Lifestyle CV 2/month large flat or house, common amenities, occasional luxuries
Upper-Class Lifestyle CV 3/month luxury flat or large house, luxury goods and services, +1 to Mien when entertaining
Noble Lifestyle CV 5/month landhold, servants, +2 to Mien when entertaining
Inner-city transport cr 5 cross-town
Suborbital shuttle cr 30 anywhere else on planet or low orbit
Interstellar shuttle CV 1 common berth, relatively slow travel
Interstellar liner CV 3 personal berth, semi-slow travel
Chartered shuttle CV 2+1 per jump personal shuttle, fast travel


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