Living in a Civil Society

The Terran Commonwealth and the other major powers in the World wish for you, the citizenry, to maintain polite and civil discourse and not discommode your fellow citizenry or official agents of the government. More to the point really, they insist on such standards through the use of laws, and they enforce these laws with guns. Big, shiny, bullet-spewing guns, which will make utter scrap out of most any creep who wanders into them.

Also included in this handy document: An overview of the monetary systems of the World (always handy when you need a nosh); and the methods which people use to get around the vast desolation in which we live.

Weaponry Do’s and Don’ts

Weapons are sorted into 4 categories: Licensed, Restricted, Military/Special Issue, and Illegal.

Licensed weapons can be carried by anyone anywhere, for a cr10 licensing fee. Specific venues may have rules against carrying even if you’re otherwise legal, but lockups can be arranged.

Restricted weapons require you to pass an operations test, and cost cr15. Even with the license, you may not carry the weapon unless you are in the middle of a specific operation requiring weaponry.

Military weapons are the purview of the armed forces. Within the bounds of armed forces operations, if you are a member of a friendly organization, you may carry a Military weapon in a manner similar to a Licensed weapon.

Special Issue weapons are powerful and/or rare, and are issued by command authority and then deployed much like a Restricted item: take it out of the box only when you are sure to use it in the next 30 minutes or so, and then return it before its’ expiration date.

Illegal weapons are right out.

Things Which Interest the Rozzers

In practical terms, this following list will land you in quite a bit of trouble, quite quickly:

-Killing someone and then leaving the body where it can be found.

-Detonating explosives without express written permission.

-Raping, Pillaging, or otherwise taking that which is not yours (unless you are The Rozzers).

Finally, attempting to shirk The Rozzers when they come after you for doing any of these things will only cause them to send out more Rozzers with bigger guns. The Protectorate will provide legal assistance should you be pinched for anything, unless you’re pinched for killing a Rozzer. This is extraordinarally stupid, and the Protectorate has no use for extraordinary stupidity.

Money and Other Valuable Things

The Terran Commonwealth issues a reserve currency, the Commonwealth Credit. Credits may be physically traded through notes and coins. However, for most large transactions, you will most likely be using “credit” as a system, as opposed to the physical Credit notes.

To make a Credit purchase, find the Credit value of the item in question. Then determine how much Credit you have on hand. In this case, Credit includes the money in your bank account, loans you can get, and assistance from allies or pressure on the target.

Each Credit value is expressed as a card denomination. Take a fresh action deck, and draw the number of cards which your Credit allows you. If you draw any cards which equal or exceed the Credit value, congratulations! The item is now yours. Then draw another card. If this card does not have a Credit value higher than the number of cards you drew for your purchase, you’re Tapped Out for the session. Finally, if the Credit Value of the item purchased exceeds the number of cards drawn, you have an Obligation to pay off the difference. Until you pay it off, you have to take your Obligation as a penalty to your purchasing power.

Things which give you cards to draw for credit include:
  • your Wealth level in cards.
  • you may ask your Friends in High Places for help. They will give you some extra cards, depending on type and value.
  • a Persuade/Overawe/Bluff check to manipulate the seller
  • selling an old possession can help to cancel out some of the price.


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