The Candidate-Agent

Here you will prepare your submission to be considered for a candidate agent position. This follows the normal Deadlands character creation rules. (12 cards, pick 10, etc., etc.) Send me your draws by PM and indicate what Jokers you got, if any. Below, you can find a complete list of Edges and Hindrances as well as Aptitudes for use.

There are several races and factions which play a part in the World, organized under the banners of the 3 meta-factions: The Terran Commonwealth, the Interstellar Trade Alliance, and the Unbound Souls. You may pick a race and faction to represent, or you may simply be one of the teeming faceless masses who answer to no flag. Take 5 extra Character Points if you do not choose any of the race options, and pick a base language.


Here is the complete list of Aptitudes for Beyond the Stars. There is no long-winded explanation for these, because this game does not require long-windededness. CALL OUT WHAT YOU WANT TO ACCOMPLISH, THE MARSHALL WILL THROW A TN ON IT; ROLL AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS This campaign is intended to be almost diametrically opposite of the type of game exemplified by 3rd/4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons—ingenuity and boldness are the watchwords of the day.

Cognition Knowledge Mien Smarts Spirit
Sensor Operations Medicine Persuade Bluff Guts
Scrutinize Demolitions Overawe Gambling Faith
Gunnery Academics Leadership Tinkering
Search Computers Animal Handling Survival
Navigation Disguise Perform Ridicule
Profession Tale-Telling Streetwise
Deftness Nimbleness Quickness Strength Vigor
Shooting Athletics Quick Draw Load-Bearing Endurance
Throwing Dodge
Speed-Load Fighting
Thievery Driving

Academics is a broad category collecting many different, but related topics. Major Academics Concentrations include: Occult, Physics, Xenobiology, and Engineering.

Edges and Hindrances

These are the common ones. If you have something you don’t see here but would like to have, find that PM button and ask.

Edges Cost Hindrances Cost More Hindrances Cost
Ace Pilot 2 Agoraphobic -5 Miser -3
Belongings 1-10 All Thumbs -3 Mean as a Snake -2
Brave 2 Bad Ears -2/-4 Night Terrors -5
Brawny 3 Bad Eyes -3/-5 Oath -1-5
Crack Shot 3 Bad Luck -5 Obligation -1-5
Devil’s Own Luck 5 Big Britches -3 One-armed Bandit -3
Don’t Get ‘Im Riled 3 Big Mouth -3 Poxed -1/3/5
Fleet of Foot 2 Big Shiny Target -3 Randy -3
Hardy 2 Bloodthirsty -3 Scrawny -5
Keen 3 Cautious -2 Self-Righteous -5
Level-Headed 5 Clueless -3 Squeaky -2
Light Sleeper 1 Curious -3 Squeamish -3
Lightning Reflexes* 5 Death Wish -5 Stubborn -3
Linguist 1 Enemy -1-5 Thin-Skinned -3
Mechanically Inclined 2 Extra Value Meal -1/2 Ugly as Sin -1/3
Nerves of Steel 1 Greedy -2 Undercooked -3
Renown 1-5 Grim Servant of Death -5 Vengeful -3
Sand 1-5 Hankerin’ -1/3 Yearning -1-5
Thick Skinned 3 Heavy Sleeper -1 Yeller -3
Tough as Nails 1-5 Heroic -3
Two-Fisted 3 High-Falutin’ -2
The Voice 1-3 Lame -3/5
Wealth 1-5 Loco -1-5
Worldly Veteran 0 Loyal -3
Friends in High Places 1-5
Pretty 2
Sidekick 5

Crack Shot: you may re-roll your d20 to hit when it hits an arm or leg. You must accept the second roll.

Hardy (req 3d8 Vigor): Your Wind comes back twice as fast and bleeds out half as quick as normal.

Big Shiny Target: It is always a Foolproof(3) to hit you with Ikana powers.


All characters have a background. No one is simply uncorked and dumped into the campaign (not even Nendoroids). That being said, there are backgrounds and then there are Backgrounds. A capital-B Background is a specific archetype which the character belonged to at one point. These cost 0 points to purchase, but do require some entry stats. Also, the Marshal will give you a bit of the screws if you pick a Background; draw a card and hand it over.

The Backgrounds:

Supernatural Powers

The Ikana is a mysterious force, coexisting with the natural states of matter and energy. It is said to be the “soul” of the World, and it can influence other aspects of the physical world if properly manipulated. A character can become an Ikana user by taking the 3 point edge Supernatural Background and then picking one of the following:


Each character starts with cr100, a week’s worth of clothing, a Commonwealth ID Card, a Notepad, and a week’s worth of clothes. Additional equipment may be purchased here, and mechanized forms of mayhem are here.


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