Type Defender class Frigate, modified
Displacement 167,000 tons
Powertrain 4×300MW Plasma Reactor + 1×50MW Fission Reactor backup powering 6x Type 20 HIP Thruster and Hasegawa Type 7H Spatial Displacement Drive
Capability 4g Acceleration; 45d/s turning


The Arcanegos is a luxury spaceliner commissioned by the Diamond Spaceways corporation. This ship represents the absolute state-of-the-art in interstellar transportation and recreation. Her 10 main decks provide a wide variety of experiences for passengers, and Diamond ensures only the best connections with planetside partners.

To protect this floating palace, the corporation installed the same state-of-the-art defense grid as is found on the Warden escort frigate, a convoy defense ship with an unprecedented record. A veteran starfighter squadron and top-notch planning team help guide the ship through our oft-troubled stars.


There is supposedly a second Arcanegos ship in service, this one a sort of Trojan Horse. The “Nightbane” was constructed in the Spartan battleship configuration, then made up to look like the Arcanegos. It is said this ship occasionally trawls near pirate havens, luring the bands to their doom. The Vandalian Navy has a battlegroup out searching for this ship, their position being the fake ship damaged legitimate Vandalian shipping simply for passing through the same traffic lane.

Aboard the Arcanegos itself, there are darker rumours. Occasionally, a crewman turns up missing after a tour, never to be found again. Those who buy into these stories say there is a hidden section in the lower decks, where the real “entertainment” happens, and that some of the passengers who ride here feast on more than just the delicacies served in the ship’s dining halls. . .


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