Beyond the Stars

The Arcanegos Affair, part 3

15 March 2287

Zombies. I hate zombies. Maia shuddered and checked the charge on her blade casters. The false Sierra was on a merry rampage, killing the crew and any passengers she could find. And worse, those she killed remained in her thrall.

Even her rudimentary medical equipment showed the truth of the matter: a nanoviral infection, controlling the dead bodies. Oh yeah, and making them explode at Sierra’s whim.

“You know what this means, right? Every corpse on this ship might be a bomb, might be a camera through which she can see. No wonder she didn’t care that we shut her out of the security system. Let’s just hope we get her this time.” Maia checked her chronometer again. Sixteen hours until emergence. Maia rechecked her weapons and faced the elevator door. When they opened, the battle would begin again.

The Arcanegos Affair part 2

15 March 2287

Twenty hours. Less than a day remained before the Arcanegos would emerge from displacement over Johtan. Twenty hours with the security chief gone rogue and in control of virtually everything.

At least Sierra hasn’t figured out how to override the maintainence hatches and vent us to space. Captain Freeman scowled at the thought. Seven years captaining the most prestigeous liner in the known galaxy, and it was going down the tubes. _Damn those terrorists!

And damn those Protectorate fools!_ Four agents of the Protectorate, a civilian emergency services agency, were aboard the Arcanegos to try and stop the onslaught. So far, however, they’d done more damage to the ship than the enemy. Still, it was better than nothing. Maybe.

Captain Dyson looked at his chrono again. Nineteen hours, fifty-five. Blast.


Game Information

  • Who is this replacement Sierra?
    • Apparently, she is Shayla, the Terradyne rep.
  • Why is she taking down the ship?
  • What do the terrorists gain from sacking the ship?
The Arcanegos Affair

2 March 2287

The great ship awaits. From Havenshire, the Arcangeos is headed rim/spin, passing through the Corporate Worlds Group at Chedong, then across Vandalia. Next stop is Sonari in coreward Worlds Alliance for some ground-based recreation (interested passengers should sign up on your terminal; please link your credentials from your ID and request your choice of vehicle). Then it’s on to the Frontier world of Johtan, where we will not blow up and instead the ship will be taking on some extremely tasty Kine for your dining pleasure. Our next stop shall be in the Outworlds Confederation at Darkspyre for a big game expedition. (as before, armaments shall be provided if you did not bring suitable. Moving on, we will be linking up with our support vessel La’vie-en-Rose on 30 March for crew rotation and there the captain shall be making out our further agenda.

Happy Sailing from all of us at Diamond Spaceways!


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