Beyond the Stars

The Arcanegos Affair, part 3

15 March 2287

Zombies. I hate zombies. Maia shuddered and checked the charge on her blade casters. The false Sierra was on a merry rampage, killing the crew and any passengers she could find. And worse, those she killed remained in her thrall.

Even her rudimentary medical equipment showed the truth of the matter: a nanoviral infection, controlling the dead bodies. Oh yeah, and making them explode at Sierra’s whim.

“You know what this means, right? Every corpse on this ship might be a bomb, might be a camera through which she can see. No wonder she didn’t care that we shut her out of the security system. Let’s just hope we get her this time.” Maia checked her chronometer again. Sixteen hours until emergence. Maia rechecked her weapons and faced the elevator door. When they opened, the battle would begin again.



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