Beyond the Stars

The Arcanegos Affair

2 March 2287

The great ship awaits. From Havenshire, the Arcangeos is headed rim/spin, passing through the Corporate Worlds Group at Chedong, then across Vandalia. Next stop is Sonari in coreward Worlds Alliance for some ground-based recreation (interested passengers should sign up on your terminal; please link your credentials from your ID and request your choice of vehicle). Then it’s on to the Frontier world of Johtan, where we will not blow up and instead the ship will be taking on some extremely tasty Kine for your dining pleasure. Our next stop shall be in the Outworlds Confederation at Darkspyre for a big game expedition. (as before, armaments shall be provided if you did not bring suitable. Moving on, we will be linking up with our support vessel La’vie-en-Rose on 30 March for crew rotation and there the captain shall be making out our further agenda.

Happy Sailing from all of us at Diamond Spaceways!


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